Royal clown

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september 13, 2021 kirjutas Tasneem

I used to walk heedlessly, that’s why I met people vibrating at low frequency.
Eventually I had to find my own authenticity,  stop moving ahead needlessly.
To do so, I had to acknowledge myself, find out what I actually want,
study my weaknesses, past mistakes, accept reality so daunt.

Through this journey unveiled beautiful soul and heart so bright.
Came out, you was wrong all along, I’m not the blight,
rather rare mind that is filled with delight.

But you knew that already, hence it terrified you.
My main failure was that I had lost Self so true.
For you, rejecting me was the only way for survival,
Just as brightness chokes darkness, good vibes are outrival.

You have sealed your world and you protect it well.
Letting anything disturb it, would destroy you as well.
Your ears are guards, holding sieve of speech, keeping away messages that might breach.
Your eyes are shields, reflecting to what you already know, rejecting everything unknown.
Your mouth is a king, that sits on the throne of a heart. That poor majesty, twisted in a painful agony.

Difficulties in life supposed to make us climb,
yet some of us prefer to grime.
The one who tries to escape or hide,
fools himself with utmost crime.
It takes courage to admit and forgive.
Breaking free is a choice to gain relief.

Either be a prisoner of your kingdom
or a free mind, whose has gained wisdom.
No one else is to blame, when you have decided to fail.
Only you gonna fall because you chose to bawl.
In the end, lying has earned you a ridiculous crown
and a coronation ceremony for a royal clown.

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