Escape from a plague of pain

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mÀrts 21, 2021 kirjutas Tasneem

She searched for Paradise,


road led her to a land of demise.

A plague of pain had rolled out on this land,

it had spread across, through evil tongue.


She looked around,


suppressed souls were found.

Silent roars of their sufferings extends for miles,

screams were suffocated, behind fabricated smiles.


Foul tongues were twisted together,

gathered under narcissistic scarves.

Sharp words were wounding each other

tearing their inner-selves in halves


In contrast, she chose to rise above,

reconnect with her spirit,

She surrendered to love,

God became her guide of living.


You can search, but you will not find,

if you are looking from amongst blind.

Pure spirits are floating high in the sky,

join them by freeing your soul, letting it fly.


Tune into the rhythm of your soul,

feel the God, He guides your move,

peace lies on the path to wholeness,

don’t stop until you reach its brightness.

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